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All Things Maine

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Muckraking Werewolf Novel

The latest book for young adults by Maine author Henry Garfield stars a man "transformed by each full moon from a rather normal father of two teens to a snarling, howling critter who kills man and animal for their blood."

My Father the Werewolf is set in "Liverpool," Maine — a town suspiciously like Belfast — where the sometimes-hirsute Ken Paxton can have a day job "at the sardine plant or the credit card giant called AMIC."
Garfield, who lives in Belfast, knows how to spin a yarn. And he infuses his plot with numerous acerbic asides that have a political bent. Belfastians know MBNA stands for Money Buys Nearly Anything, or some such. Ken Paxton says AMIC means A**hole Mainers in Cubicles. The greedy corporation is pilloried throughout the short novel, though its attorneys show a human side at the end.

"There was a line between AMIC and non-AMIC real estate," he writes, "and though it was not painted on the land, you could feel it when you crossed it. The air itself changed." [Link]
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