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All Things Maine

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Maine's Hardiest Brook Trout

The southern third of Maine lacks the spawning habitats that brook trout prefer — streams flowing over silt-free beds of gravel — so the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has been eager to find hatchery strains that will survive when released into the wild. After a nine-year study, the department has found four strains that are up for the job.
With little fanfare, fisheries biologists and hatchery personnel have collected solid data to see which strains worked best -- Nesowadnehunk, Kennebago, Maine Hatchery and Kennebago crossed with Maine Hatchery.

Statistics from the study surely promise better fishing for central and southern Maine and for brook trout anglers in the immediate future because until the somewhat recent past, most of our hatchery brookies did not survive the year after being released into the wild. DIF&W now stocks fish with more longevity than ever before, and part of the reason begins with this research, showing which strain has the best survival and growth rate. [Link]
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