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All Things Maine

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Maine Turnpike Celebrates Golden Anniversary

Today marked the 50th anniversary of the Maine Turnpike between Portland and Augusta. Governor Edmund Muskie cut the ribbon to open the new stretch of highway on Dec. 13, 1955 — exactly eight years after the original Kittery to Portland section was opened. The new 64-mile extension was built in just two years.

The Maine Turnpike Authority website reproduces selected pages from The Maine Trail — a special publication issued to commemorate the achievement. An excerpt:
As the northerly end of this new Main Street, Maine offers the last remaining undeveloped recreational areas along the North Atlantic. Having more time to play and the means to get here quickly, means a mighty expansion of the vacation industry. Nature in Maine has things to offer that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Down this new river of commerce will flow the products of Maine's farm and industry, all the while offering to the worker the balance of industry and recreation that the future Mr. and Mrs. America will demand.
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