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All Things Maine

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Maine-Made Surfboards

Maine has always been known for its wood products, from toothpicks to two-by-fours. Soon the state might be known for its wooden surfboards.

Mike LaVecchia and Rich Blundell run Grain Surfboards in York Beach, handcrafting hollow boards from Western Red and Northern White Cedar.
LaVecchia and Blundell had toyed before with the idea of making surfboards. When the talk last spring turned to making them out of wood, they got so stoked that they were up and making them in a matter of days.

The pair, both 39, set up a shop in their rented home, across the street from a bluff overlooking the north end of York Beach. If the surf's up, you'll likely find them in the water, not in the cramped workshop where they work their saws, planers and sanders.


So far, they've built about 10 surfboards, between 6 feet and 10 feet long, that sell for $1,200-$1,500 each. They're confident business will grow. [Link]
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