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All Things Maine

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kong Animator Comes From Maine

If the digital effects in the latest King Kong remake cause you to choke on your popcorn, you can thank Eric Saindon. He acted as a CGI supervisor for the film. And he's from Maine.

Saindon was born in Bangor, moved to Portland when he was 9, and graduated from Gorham High School and Central Maine Technical College. He later studied computer animation at Washington State University. He now works for WETA Digital in New Zealand, which also did visual effects for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Saindon will be speaking at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland Thursday morning, and was interviewed for today's Press Herald.
Q: What are your favorite effects in the movie? Or the effects you are most proud of?

A: Kong and the dinosaurs are some of my favorite effects because I come from a creatures background. One of the most impressive effects would be 1933 New York. We shot some New York shots on a green screen, but the whole set was only one-story tall and consisted of about three blocks. Every other shot of New York was digital. [Link]
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