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Friday, December 16, 2005

Freeport Not the Birthplace of Maine

Brian at asks an interesting question today: Was Freeport the birthplace of Maine?
Not long ago, I was involved in lunch to wish a fond farewell to a fellow employee and best of luck as he took on a new role with another company. The lunch was held at the Jameson Tavern in Freeport. As we were leaving, one of the members of our party noted, "Did you know this is where the papers were signed making Maine an independent State?" [Link]
Brian cites an article that debunks this as a myth, and in fact shows that most residents of Freeport opposed separation from Massachusetts. Florence G. Thurston in her 1940 book Three Centuries of Freeport, Maine arrived at the same conclusion.

The myth appears to have its roots in a broadside opposing separation that was drafted in Freeport in the summer of 1819 by representatives from Kennebec, Lincoln, and Cumberland Counties.
They probably convened in the Jameson Tavern, they were delegates . . . from three counties, they actually drew up and signed a paper which was in regard to the matter of separation, and in time all this could have grown into the story as it is told today. [p. 76]
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So where was the birthplace of Maine?


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