All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Thursday, December 08, 2005

For Those Yearning for Yurts

Yurt builder Bill Coperthwaite of Bucks Harbor — about whom I wrote in October — is featured prominently in today's Boston Globe, which describes his unique home.
As he conducts a tour, Coperthwaite shows his spacious workshop where sawdust and wood shavings carpet the wooden floor. Much of his time is spent here making chairs, tables, bowls, knives, and other household items. All the pieces fill utilitarian functions but are beautiful to behold, whether they are crooked knife handles carved from a beech burl or brooms fashioned from birch shavings.

"If living is to be right, it ought to be beautiful," declares Coperthwaite, whose cupcake-shaped outhouse is a thing of beauty. "So often it goes by the board." [Link]
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