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All Things Maine

Friday, December 02, 2005

Extreme Makeover Rest-Stop Edition

The turnpike rest stops in Kennebunk are set for a $10.3 million makeover. The plan calls for the demolition of the current buildings after the erection of buildings more efficiently designed.
The gas pumps at Kennebunk would stay where they are, but the buildings next to them will be demolished after their replacements are built. Both sides of the turnpike would be renovated at the same time.

The interior of the new buildings would offer more food choices in a cafeteria-style setting with seating in the middle. Which restaurants would end up as tenants is not yet known, but turnpike officials said they are almost certain one addition would be Starbucks. [Link]
Renovations would follow at the Gray/Cumberland rest stops. The two stops to the north, in Lewiston and Litchfield, would be demolished and replaced with a new facility to be located somewhere else along that stretch of highway.

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