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All Things Maine

Monday, December 19, 2005

Everybody Loves Raymond, So Why Change Its Name?

The selectmen of Raymond have voted to change the town's name to "Derby Town, USA" for a few days this winter. The name will apply for the duration of the Sebago Lake Rotary DerbyFest, from February 24 to 26.
Raymond is the site for many of the events at the Rotary Derby Fest (e.g. Air Show, snowmobile events, ice midway, sculptures) and the Town's population will more than triple during that weekend. This Derby has been [c]ited by Field & Stream as one of the top five in the country and ranked third nationally by the sporting goods industry. [Link]
Scheduled events include a Designer "Ice Shackteaux" Contest, Snowmobile Jumping Exhibitions, and (of course) a Togue Tourney. The U.S. Postal Service will be issuing a commemorative "Derby Town, USA" postal cancellation on the 25th.
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