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All Things Maine

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Downeaster Makes Unscheduled Stop

The Downeaster crashed into two cars stopped on the tracks in Newmarket, N.H., this morning. The drivers both escaped in time.
Marilyn Hunkins, one of the conductors, said the driver of the first car, a woman, told her she was stopped at the crossing and the gates were down when she was hit by the second car. The driver's door was jammed and the train was coming, she said. She was able get out on the passenger side just in time, Hunkins said.

"I was so happy to see them standing there on the side of the road," Hunkins said of the drivers. [Link]
The train had left Portland at 8:50, and was about two miles from Durham, N.H., when the accident occurred.

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