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All Things Maine

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Acadia National Park, Brought To You By...

Want your name emblazoned on a park bench at Acadia? Proposed guidelines at the National Park Service would allow the agency to honor individual and corporate donors by naming benches, bricks and rooms in national parks after them.
Park Service officials say the new guidelines, which could be approved by early next year, would simply make it easier for the agency to recognize corporations and individuals who are already giving. Names already appear on plaques around parks, but the new policy would make donors more prominent.

Corporate logos would be forbidden in most cases, officials say. [Link]
Critics argue that this policy could lead to the crass commercialization of our national treasures, and that visitors might feel obligated to donate. Supporters just hope it will lead to an increase in philanthropy.
"You have to thank donors, that's just part of being in the philanthropic world," said Ken Olson, president of a group that raises money for Acadia National Park in Maine. "The question is: How do you do it tastefully?"
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