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All Things Maine

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes on 7

With all the loud debate over Question 1 on today's ballot, we shouldn't overlook the importance of the other issues to be decided—especially Question 7.

A Yes vote would amend the state constitution to allow Maine's working waterfronts to be taxed for their current use, rather than all the extravagant uses real-estate developers can think of. Anyone who prefers watching lobstermen unload their catch to watching New Yorkers sip caffe lattes while polishing their yacht bells will want to vote for the amendment. A vital part of our Maine way of life is at stake.
"Once it's lost, it's lost forever," said state Sen. Dennis Damon, who grew up in a fishing family. "When was the last time you saw a mansion torn down and a lobster wharf built in its place? It doesn't work that way." [Link]
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