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All Things Maine

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Warmth Comes at a High Price

If you want a blanket that costs more than your father's first car, check out Swans Island Blankets. Co-owner Bill Laurita confesses, "These are not inexpensive blankets. These are really well-made blankets with a really fine attention to detail."
The process begins with sheep - the Lauritas have their own flock of 15, but they rely heavily on a larger, untended flock on Nash Island, off the Down East coast. For rare wool, which has a natural dark brown shade, the Lauritas work with a farmer in Starks who wraps the sheep in coats to keep them clean.

The wool is sent to a spinnery in Vermont, dyed in-house, woven by hand on two huge looms and finished with painstaking attention to detail. The weavers go over every inch of each blanket, removing any stray chaff with surgical tweezers and repairing any defects by hand. [Link]
If you're pinching your pennies this Christmas season, consider buying a Swans Island Throw: only $375.
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