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All Things Maine

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oxford Family Needs a Tow

Steven Proctor has two homes on his property in Oxford: a trailer close to caving in after heavy snows last winter, and a second trailer stuck in his wife's flower patch.

Proctor bought the second trailer when the first became too dangerous to live in. But when it was delivered, the driver got stuck in the mud.
"He [the driver] said 'I don't have time for this,' and he just left," Steve explains, saying that the home was left seeping in the mud - now the Proctors' problem.

The trailer was roughly 30 feet away from where it needed to be in order to be hooked up to the septic system.
As of last week, the Proctors were looking for someone kind enough to maneuver their home where it needs to be.
They are hoping to find some sort of a community-based effort or organization that could help pull them - literally - out of their jam, by providing a vehicle for a few hours that would reposition their home onto the proper site. [Link]
Update (Nov. 13, 2005): The Proctors got the help they needed.
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