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All Things Maine

Friday, November 04, 2005

Movie Filmed in Maine Released

The 12 Dogs of Christmas—filmed last year in Woodstock, Newry and Bethel, and starring a purebred Old English sheepdog from Pittston named Bear—was released on DVD Tuesday.
According to an article this week in the Los Angeles Times, Kragen tried to sell the $1.75 million film to studios and networks, but they were not interested in a G-rated movie. So he went the DVD route, noting that children often enjoy watching the same movie multiple times. [Link]
The film's producers chose to film in Oxford County because of assurances there would be snow on the ground in April. Mother Nature did not cooperate, and snow had to be trucked in from Sunday River. The movie's final scene was filmed in Bethel's Odeon Hall.
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