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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Maine Man Inducted Into Snowmobile Hall of Fame

The late Earlan Campbell of Millinocket will be the first Mainer named to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Germaine, Wisconsin.

Campbell was a mechanic and bush pilot who called Polaris in 1957 to complain that their sleds just couldn't handle the conditions in Maine.
The earliest Polaris model, Earlan Campbell complained, got chewed up by Maine's uneven terrain and snow conditions. He cajoled Polaris' engineers to come to Millinocket to test their product. They did so in 1958, discovered he was right and did the sensible thing - they put him on their team. [Link]
The Hall of Fame's website describes Campbell's qualifications:
A natural mechanic and a devoted outdoorsman, Campbell was attracted to the art and science of winter travel as a youth, constructing wind-driven machines beginning in the 1930s. Very likely the first dealer to begin selling Polaris Sno-Travelers, his dealership in Millinocket, Maine, was instrumental in the introduction of snowmobiling in Maine and all across the East. Campbell was a key part of the informal early development team that worked the bugs out of the early designs and he was founder of one of Maine’s earliest snowmobile clubs. [Link]
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