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All Things Maine

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Maine-Made 'MUD' Premieres Friday

The first high-definition feature-length film ever shot in Maine will premiere Friday. Writer-director Andy Davis of Biddeford and producer Olin Smith are showing their film "MUD" to a private audience at The Pavilion in Portland. If all goes well, public screenings will follow.

The movie was filmed in Porter, Scarborough, and Biddeford in seven days, and edited at Davis and Smith's studio in the Old Port.

Here's the plot in a nutshell:
At the heart of MUD lives the LaPann family. A hardworking father, a stay at home mother, two young boys and a daughter. The family has a history of alcoholism, an affliction that just seems to keep passing itself down to the next generation. When he was 5, Kevin LaPann's father Carol discovered strange tracks in the woods. He poured plaster into one and brought it home.

Measuring in at just over 14 inches, he discovered what he would later call the "Zamphini Monster" and devoted his life as well as a small shed on his property to discovering more about this mysterious being. [Link]
Visit the MUD website to view the trailer.
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