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All Things Maine

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Maine Could Give More

Maine ranked 32nd on the Catalogue for Philanthropy's 2004 Generosity Index.

Maine ranked dead last in Average Itemized Charitable Contribution (based on 2002 data), but only 37th in Average Adjusted Gross Income. This gives a "rank relation" of -13 — not good, but better than the other New England states. New Hampshire was the stingiest, with a rank relation of -39, and Rhode Island and Massachusetts were 48th and 49th on the list.

The most generous state was Mississippi — last in income, but fifth in charitable contributions.

A second new study by the The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University casts our region in a better light.
That study, which supplements IRS data with a survey of representative households, found that individuals in New England give less, on average, to charity than people in other regions, but that the percentage of New Englanders who do contribute is higher than the national average. It also found that contributors in New England tend to favor secular, rather than religious, causes. [Link]
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