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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kingfield Will Fight to Keep Museum

Drastic changes are being considered for the Stanley Museum in Kingfield. Michael L. Roach, chairman of the Board of Trustees, has floated the idea of moving the museum to a more populated area like Portland.
"Certainly Kingfield, Maine, is a stronghold of Stanley history. It contains the personal residences of many members of the Stanley family and a wealth of buildings that were in existence when F.E., F.O. and Chansonetta grew up in rural Maine. It does not begin to compare, however, with the benefit of being situated in a populated area where people would be more likely to visit a museum and share in the unique and exciting history that the Stanley Museum interprets," Roach explains. [Link]
Local residents are already organizing to oppose the contemplated removal.

Twin brothers Francis E. and Freelan O. Stanley, natives of Kingfield, invented and manufactured the famous "Stanley Steamer" automobile. The 100th anniversary of the Steamer's land-speed record of 127.659 mph will be celebrated on Jan. 23, 2006.

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