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All Things Maine

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cony Descendants Stick Up For Their Ancestor

The descendants of Daniel Cony — who donated land for the Cony Female Academy in 1815 — have been granted the right to protest Augusta's plans to sell part of the land to Hannaford for a supermarket. Proceeds from the sale would defray the cost of the new Cony High School now under construction.

The original agreement required that the land be used for "recreational and educational" purposes "in perpetuity." The Cony descendants don't want the land back, but only to prevent the sale.
[City Attorney Stephen] Langsdorf said he cannot recall another case in which descendants of a long-dead benefactor are not making a claim that the property be returned to them, but will be part of deciding the outcome nonetheless.

"Will it be their personal beliefs or what they think Daniel Cony wanted?" he said. "Imagine putting yourself in the place of someone who died 200 years ago." [Link]
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