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Thursday, November 10, 2005

1971 Graduate Finally Gets His Class Ring

In 1969, two men broke into Telstar Regional High School in Bethel in search of "dope" in the nurse's office. They ended up stealing money from the school's safe, and five or six class rings.

Now, one of those rings has been returned to its rightful owner. The daughter of a retired Massachusetts state trooper found the 1971 ring—which she thought bore the initials "WJC"—with some old police reports, and emailed the school.
Wendy Hanscom, Telstar’s secretary, looked up the class graduates in the school’s 1971 yearbook. There was no one with the WJC initials, but there was a WTC — Wilfred Thomas Coolidge, known as Tom.

A check back with the daughter determined what looked like a ‘J” was in fact a “T.”

The ring arrived in the mail last Wednesday, and Hanscom had to go no farther than up the school stairs to return it.

Coolidge is the current music teacher at Telstar Middle School. [Link]
Coolidge knew nothing about the ring, and speculated that his parents had ordered it.
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