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All Things Maine

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tools Fit for Royalty

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren received a nice plug in the September issue of Fortune Small Business.

No. 1 Bench PlaneFounded by Thomas Lie-Nielsen (pronounced "Lee-Neelsen") in 1981, the company manufactures the sort of hand tools that make carpenters drool. These planes and saws can cost as much as a good power tool—but then no one ever bought a power tool for its functionality and its beauty. And there are some jobs where only a spokeshave with a finely honed blade will suffice.

These are not tools for the weekend-warrior who uses chisels as screwdrivers. But anyone with a love of craftsmanship and room in his toolbox will want to check out the catalog, if only to dream.
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