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All Things Maine

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Tidal Wave of the Future

Maine has joined with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Massachusetts, Alaska, Washington and California to study the feasibility of installing underwater turbines in places like the Bay of Fundy.
Among the potential test sites [American researcher George] Hagerman looked at:

-- The Minas Channel near Nova Scotia's Cape Split, where the currents can reach up to 15 kilometers per hour.

-- The Minas Channel near Nova Scotia's Cape d'Or.

-- The entrance to the Cumberland Basin at Joggins, Nova Scotia.

-- The waters off Economy Point, N.S.

-- The entrance to New Brunswick's Shepody Bay.

-- The waters off Cape Enrage, N.B.

-- The passage into New Brunswick's Passamaquoddy Bay, east of Maine. [Link]
By harnessing the power of the bay's tides—the most dramatically changing in the world—researchers hope to provide hydroelectric power without the environmental effects of dams.

Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia, at low tide.
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