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All Things Maine

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Snack that Bites Back

Ever dream of appearing on Fear Factor? This Sunday may be your best chance to try some insect delicacies like "air popped waxworms, mealworm stirfry and crispy cricket vegetable dip."

The Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor will be presenting a Bug Cuisine workshop Sunday at 2pm. Museum Director of Education Trudy Plummer says that "many insects and worms are edible, even tasty, and it’s possible to cook with most insects available in pet stores."
"Nightcrawlers and maggots are edible, though you need to prepare them correctly. You’d be surprised how many bugs and larva are acceptable in certain foods," she said. "People already know that if you buy berries or vegetables in the summer you’ll be eating a couple insects with them every time." [Link]

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