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Monday, October 17, 2005

Save the Whales

Politics makes strange bedfellows, and so, apparently, does environmentalism. The New England Aquarium today named Irving Oil its Founding Corporate Research Partner for the protection of the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

In a press release, the Aquarium's Vice-President for Research Scott Kraus said, "We are pleased and proud to honor Irving Oil for their genuine commitment and dedication in protecting North Atlantic right whales."
Some skeptics might assume that whale scientists and a major oil company could only be adversaries. In fact, Irving has been one of our greatest allies and supporters. We both want to protect right whales, and scientists and business people do share a practical, problem solving approach. We first had to get to know each other. Over the years, New England Aquarium scientists have learned first-hand about shipping operations, and Irving officials have seen feeding right whales up close. Together, Irving and the New England Aquarium have demonstrated a willingness and strong capability to find practical, science-based solutions to problems facing right whales. [Link]
The partners will be mounting an education campaign this fall. Irving will be distributing right whale stickers, posters, and bookmarks in its Bluecanoe and Mainway convenience stores in Maine, while educators from the Aquarium will conduct a "right whale day" at a South Portland school. The centerpiece of the presentation will be a "life-sized, 55-foot, inflatable right whale."

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