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All Things Maine

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Salvage Sisters

Two sisters—both with ties to Maine—will help you decorate your home on the cheap. Not as cheap as Leeds resident Amy Dacyczyn might recommend, but still cheap.

Mary Ann Young and Kathleen Hackett have published The Salvage Sisters' Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic, which explains how to turn castoffs into fashion statements. Turn a golf trophy into a vase, a birdbath into a night table, an old sleeve into a sweater for your dog. Young (from Rockport) and Hackett (who has a cottage in Camden) tell you how to spot, save, and recycle discarded treasures—remarkable skills for them to possess, given that both were formerly employed by Martha Stewart Living.

Hackett is quick to point out that they are "not junk queens."

"Your house isn't supposed to look like a flea market. If people start knocking on your door and asking if stuff is for sale, you're not doing it right."
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