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All Things Maine

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ogunquit Likes Its Food Slow

Ogunquit celebrated the 25th anniversary of its secession from Wells last Sunday. On Friday, the town's upcoming referendum to ban chain restaurants made national news.

Rumors last April that Dunkin' Donuts was considering a move into town prompted a successful petition drive. The process will culminate on Nov. 8, election day, with a ballot question aimed at banning "formula restaurants" with "prescribed employee uniforms, interior and/or exterior color schemes, architectural designs, signage, name, presentation format, or similar standardized features which cause the restaurant to appear substantially identical to another restaurant regardless of ownership or location."

Freeport has placed strict design restrictions on chain restaurants since allowing McDonald's to convert an historic house into a restaurant in 1983. York banned fast-food eateries in 1997.
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