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All Things Maine

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Newport Overrun with Wildlife

The kids at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport have some new playthings, thanks to biology teacher Howard Whitten. Last year, Whitten rescued nearly 300 taxidermy specimens from the Smithsonian that were slated for destruction. Now he's looking for places to stash the surplus animals.
Initially, the animals were stored in a Corinna potato barn thanks to the help of the Buck Family farm. Currently a number of them are taking up nearly half a classroom at Nokomis. Others are "farmed out" across the district, including a large kudu in the selectmen's meeting room at the Newport Town Office. [Link]
The specimens will be used in Whitten's taxidermy and museum science program at the high school. Anyone who has need of a banteng, or has room for a kudu, is invited to give him a call.

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