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All Things Maine

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Music Up Close and Personal

For those who like their musical experiences to be more intimate than a Rolling Stones concert at Foxboro, the Downeast Concert Collective may be just the ticket.

The Collective arranges "house concerts," defined as follows:
About once every other month we have a professional musician or group come into one of our homes or a nearby private space (barn, backyard, you name it) and provide an evening of entertainment to those people who come to the concert. We take all of the furniture that you can't sit on out and put in chairs for seating, that way we can manage to get about 40 - 50 people in for the concert. Sometimes more, depending on the host house for that concert. [Link]
Twenty-eight concerts have been staged since 2000. The next scheduled performance is by folk artist Bill Staines at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Ellsworth on Nov. 11.

Be sure to check out their list of other folk venues for a backyard near you.
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