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All Things Maine

Friday, October 28, 2005

Coming Soon: The Jungle Jon

If Jim Rinaldo of Rumford has his way, hunters stuck in the woods when nature calls won't have to sacrifice comfort.

An uncomfortable trip of his own led to Rinaldo's invention of the Jungle Jon—patented last May as a "Combined Portable Stool and Toilet."
After his initial brainstorm, Rinaldo thought about his idea for three or four months, puttered around in his workshop and emerged with a rough model of what might be called a dual stool, for resting or as a toilet. [Link]
The patented contraption (number 6,889,393) resembles a conventional collapsible stool, except for the "aperture" which will receive a bag, "preferably made from waterproof material."

Rinaldo imagined in 2002 that his invention would be used not only by hunters, hikers, and fishermen, but by people simply driving through rural areas.
"Have you ever tried using one of those outhouses at the rest areas?" he asked. "You've got to hold your nose the entire time you're in there."
Diagram source: Rinaldo, Jim, Combined Portable Stool and Toilet, US 6,889,393. (2005-05-10)
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