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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

BIW Ship Sails Into the Sunset

A ship built at Bath Iron Works in 1945 will soon be decommissioned by the Tiawanese Navy.

The USS Power DD839 was launched June 30, 1945, and commissioned at Boston the following September. The destroyer patrolled the western Atlantic and the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas for many years, and in 1968 was stationed off of South Vietnam. She was handed over to Tiawan in 1977, renamed the Shenyang, and reclassified a Guided Missile Destroyer.

The Shenyang is said to be the world's last active WWII-era battleship, but will be dismantled after decommissioning in December. Some parts will be preserved in a Tiawanese naval museum.

The website of the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD850 Destroyer Museum in Fall River, Mass., has a detailed history of the USS Power. A second website, devoted solely to the USS Power DD 839, features many recent photographs of the Shenyang, and dozens of other pictures of the Power and her crew.

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