All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Friday, October 21, 2005

Am I Boring You Yet?

A new pest is headed toward Maine, and may someday devastate our hardwood forests.

The emerald ash borer has been running rampant in the Upper Midwest and southern Ontario. The Detroit Free Press reports that "If it uses Ohio or Michigan's Upper Peninsula as a bridge, it could devastate dense stands of ash in forests from Minnesota to Maine." David Cappaert, www.forestryimages.orgThe affected states have launched a website to disseminate information on the Asian beetle, and have implemented harsh eradication and quarantine policies in some regions.

Maine ash is turned into everything from paddles in Orono to baskets in Glenburn, from ax handles in Bangor to hardwood floors in Rome.

Maine trees are already afflicted with a wide range of insects and diseases. We've lost our American elms to Dutch Elm Disease, and our American chestnuts to fungal blight.

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