All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Monday, September 12, 2005

A Turkey is Waiting for Your Call

The reintroduction of wild turkeys to Maine has been a rousing success. Since being released in York County in 1977, the birds have spread out across Southern Maine, and have been seen as far north as Moosehead Lake.

Those familiar only with plump, frozen specimens would be surprised to witness the agility of their wild brethren. The sound of their gobbles and clucks is indeed a pleasant addition to Maine's atmosphere.

Not everyone is pleased, though. Some farmers and gardeners find them a nuisance, and a gentleman last year reported that his SUV had been attacked by a belligerent tom.
Hunting season for turkeys is in the spring, but there is a two-week season for bowhunters in October. If you feel the need to call a turkey (for whatever reason), check out Tomfoolery Custom Turkey Calls in Detroit.
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