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All Things Maine

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Group Seeks Recognition of Aroostook War Route

The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine is mounting a campaign for "national recognition of the route the Aroostook War expeditionary militia took as it journeyed north to defend this nation’s borders against incursion from Great Britain."
The group hopes to create and achieve national recognition for the route, which started at the militia’s rendezvous site in Lincoln and ended at the site of the defensive breastworks in Masardis, Aroostook County, said Roxanne J. Munksgaard, the foundation’s executive director.

The group also yearns to create a battlefield memorial and assorted gift shops, historical displays and memorabilia at a site yet to be determined, Munksgaard said.

"We envision it as a sort of mini-Gettysburg," Munksgaard said Tuesday. [Link]


At 7:11 PM, February 27, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Chris,
You are reminding me of how much I forgot about Maine history from my childhood back in the 60's.


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