All Things Maine
All Things Maine

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fainting Goats in Maine

Stones Edge Farm in Newcastle has welcomed its first set of twin Tennessee Fainting Goat kids.
They are so named, because when frightened or startled, their muscles "lock-up" due to a genetically recessive trait, and they virtually fall over, but do not actually faint. Older goats tend to position themselves to lean against fences and barns to not fall over, so don't exhibit the actual falling trait as much as younger goats.
Dwarf goats have been bred for years at Stones Edge Farm, but this is the first time they've bred the fainting goats, and the new Nelson-Gregory twins are a boy and girl, and though nursing multiple times daily, are already out with the herd munching on hay and springing around. [Link]
The goats are also bred at Crazy Critters Farm in Harpswell and Hollow Maple Farm in Etna.


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