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All Things Maine

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Alternate Maine State Quarter

The image that ended up on Maine's state quarter is a little different than the original design.
[Daniel J.] Carr's original design features a rocky shoreline with a lighthouse, based on the Pemaquid Point Light, and a three-masted schooner, based on the Victory Chimes, which sails out of Rockland, Maine. The U.S. Mint's version places the lighthouse on a high, rocky cliff. Critics point out Maine does not have a lighthouse that sits on a cliff as depicted on the U.S. Mint's design. Nor do they believe the Mint artist paid much attention to the details of the schooner. Sailors from Maine suggest the ship on the quarter looks more like the Pride of Baltimore II than it does the Victory Chimes.
You can buy coins featuring the alternate design in nickel-copper or yellow brass through Carr's website. Also check out the lobster design that didn't make the cut.


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