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All Things Maine

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Scythe Tree of Montville

Roxanne Moore Saucier's column in today's Bangor Daily News contained an intriguing query.
Melinda is our ancestor, whose husband, Martin V.B. Hannan, hung a scythe in a tree in Montville when he went to fight in the Civil War. The scythe was never retrieved, and the tree grew around it. These many years later, the tree is in bad condition, with all parts of the scythe either in the tree or gone. [Link]
This page has more information on Martin's spur-of-the-moment enlistment, and a 1979 photo of the "scythe tree."
Mart hung his scythe in a young sapling maple tree, as the men went back to the farmhouse to eat dinner. He didn’t have much to say that day. He pushed back his plate and chair after eating the hearty dinner prepared by Ann Bartlett and her daughter, Ann, and reached for his straw hat. “I’ll finish the field when I get back,” he told them. “I’m going after that Recruiter!” As he started down the road, he heard Horace yell, “Wait up. I’m going with you!”


At 8:58 AM, February 28, 2007, Blogger Michelle Souliere said...

Chris!!! Please post this on the Strange Maine site. A great story...


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