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All Things Maine

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Maine's Mystery Moose

Read in today's Lewiston Sun Journal about the "Mystery Moose" of Maine.
Newspapers in Texas, Minnesota and Pennsylvania have carried stories about hunters' run-ins with Maine's mystery or "Specter Moose." He's white or dirty gray, twice normal size and typically just a bit too far from any gun's reach or so swift he disappears in a blink. (The director at the online Museum of Hoaxes called it "a moose version of Moby Dick.")

After a sighting in 1900, the Minnesota Freeborn County Standard declared the mega-moose a "wonder of sportsmen in northern Maine since 1891."

The Pennsylvania Charleroi Mail reported on a "gigantic beast ... ten to fifteen feet high, dirty white in color, brandishing immense antlers" in 1938. [Link]
A discussion of this article is going on over at Cryptomundo.


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