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All Things Maine

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Humble Farmer

Maine's "Humble Farmer" Robert Skoglund gets profiled in Thursday's Christian Science Monitor.
After 28 years on Maine public radio, and at an age when many neighbors in a mobile home park here in Florida are swinging golf clubs or gliding past the swaying palms on three-wheeler bikes, The humble Farmer is still tilling those fields. He spends so many hours making his radio show that he rarely steps out into the glorious sunshine. He is so short on cash – he gets $30 a show – that he still fishes for stand-up gigs at local trailer parks while wintering here, accepting fees that are often as old-fashioned as the jazz records on his show. [Link]
Due to complaints about political content, Skoglund has discontinued his "rants" here in Maine, though they are still a part of his radio show in Miami and New Mexico, and may be heard on his website.


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