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All Things Maine

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Gems of Lewiston-Auburn

The Sun Journal asked its readers to vote for their favorite L-A people, places, things and events. You can read the write-up here, see the final tally here, or view an audio slide show featuring some of the nominees and their proponents.
I would like to vote for Victor News. It's got the old-fashioned general store charm along with a diverse product line of magazines, newspapers, and greeting cards. You see a great mix of the Lewiston population there and many people who live or work in the area depend on the little retailer for their morning cup of coffee, a few grocery items or for the latest downtown gossip. I'm amazed at how the deli staff at Victor News can turn out sandwiches so quickly in their small 8-foot working area. The menu is affordably priced with creatively named sandwiches like the "Megabite" and "9-to-5 Express". It's a store you can visit in a rush and be out in a few minutes without having to seemingly walk miles of aisles to get to what you want. [Link]


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