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All Things Maine

Monday, January 01, 2007

Stage Island Fort

Stage Island off Cape Porpoise was the site of a colonial fort attacked by Indians in 1689. Sharon Cummins is trying to determine the location of the fort and find "documentation to support or refute the dramatic story of the rescue of the inhabitants during that attack." Her leads are posted on her website and associated blog.
The Indians had stationed themselves at the narrow strip of land that, at low water, connects Stage Island to what we now call Fort Island and the inhabitants were facing certain capture or death. Nicholas Morey's reported success, in light of the perils of rowing alone, in a broken boat, in the dead of night, from Cape Porpoise to Portsmouth, NH, using oars made with 17th century technology, made this skeptical history lover want to see a little more proof. [Link]
For a rundown of all known Maine fortifications, see Pete Payette's amazing list of Maine forts—most of which I had never heard of.


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