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All Things Maine

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Maine Townsman

If you're interested in the workings of town government in Maine (and who isn't?), check out the archives of Maine Townsman—"a monthly magazine sent to more than 4,500 elected and appointed officials and employees of member municipalities and other readers interested in municipal issues."

And if you're really interested in Maine town government, check out the 1844 edition of The Maine Townsman at Google Book Search. This was the Bible of municipal governance in the 19th century, and explains how they held elections, collected taxes, and took care of their paupers back then. I own a copy of the 1866 edition, and have found it full of sensible regulations like this:
If any person shall ride with a naked scythe, sharpened and hung in a snath, on the highways, or in any lanes, streets or alleys, he shall forfeit for each offence, two dollars. [Link]


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