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All Things Maine

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maine Kids Scared of Nature

Having spent much of my childhood climbing trees, digging for worms, and gutting fish, I'm baffled by this one. According to a recent article, a growing number of kids in Maine are suffering from "nature-deficit disorder." And it's all because of overprotective parents.
Kids who attend outdoor programs such as the Ferry Beach Ecology School in Saco are often afraid to even sit on the ground, according to the staff there.

They are terrified of mosquitoes because of West Nile virus, and uncomfortable with the idea of catching frogs.

Kara Wooldrik, an environmental educator at Maine Audubon in Falmouth, has noticed it too.

"Definitely, I would say that there's less comfort (with nature), and that comes in the form of more fears," she said. "They're just not familiar with what's out there." [Link]


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