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All Things Maine

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hibberts Gore, Population One

The Boston Globe had an interesting article back in 2001 about Karen Keller—the sole resident of Hibberts Gore, which lies at the junction of Lincoln, Knox and Waldo Counties.
There are no stores, no street lamps, no mailboxes. But there is Karen Keller, who was counted in the 2000 Census as the territory's sole resident.

Keller's solitude and anonymity were shattered by her duty to fill out and return her census form. And her solo responses jumped out from the sea of aggregate tallies from every city and town in the state.

The data on Hibberts Gore:

Total population: 1. Number of blacks: 0. Number of Asians: 0. Number of whites: 1. Population under 18: 0. [Link]
The Census Bureau calls Hibberts Gore Maine's only "nonfunctioning legal entity."


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