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All Things Maine

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Eminent Mainers

I love the full title of Damariscotta resident Arthur Douglas Stover's new collection of biographies: Eminent Mainers: Succinct Biographies of Thousands of Amazing Mainers, Mostly Dead, And a Few People from Away Who Have Done Something Useful Within the State of Maine.
"I included almost no one who hasn't passed away," said Stover, who likes to be called ‘Doug.’ "I didn't put in Stephen King, for example. If I decided they were interesting, I put them in. If I didn't, I left them out. I was entirely idiosyncratic."

Stover said he first did a close reading of the nine volumes of "Who Was Who" in the Maine State Library. "I picked out all the true Mainers, like picking raisins out of cereal. I did that with all the biographical dictionaries, like 'Who Was Who in Music,' in architecture and so forth." [Link]
Henbogle recommended this interview with Stover broadcast on Maine Public Radio in December.


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