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All Things Maine

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Diary of an Aroostook Farmer

Sheila is posting entries from the farm journals of her maternal grandfather, Milton L Flewelling of Easton, at Diary of an Aroostook Farmer—1919-1930. She's including photos of the people and places mentioned to help bring the text to life.
--Thursday, March 27, 1919 (weather fine)
Hauled out frame lumber. and went up to sap woods. fathered sap in afternoon 3 puncheon's boiled in afternoon Ned hauled over slabs today.

--Friday, March 28, 1919 (weather foul)
Started up to woods and had bad luck broke pole. I boiled all day. Lillian (*Lillian Flewelling Deane, daughter of Boyd A Flewelling) and Melvina (*Melvina DeMerchant Doak) were up this p.m. and made candy. Dave and Cliff were down. [Link]


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