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All Things Maine

Friday, January 19, 2007

Canoe and Camera

Here's another treasure from Google Book Search. It's Thomas Sedgwick Steele's Canoe and Camera: A Two Hundred Mile Tour Through the Maine Forests, which recounts an 1879 canoe trip started on Moosehead Lake, and finished on the East Branch of the Penobscot River.
It was fearfully fascinating, as our four canoes, following each other's lead, dashed onward through dangers which we could hardly anticipate before they were passed, only to be repeated and repeated at every mile of the stream. But the stimulant to one's feelings gave strength and courage and even recklessness, which, in the wild surroundings, made one feel as if no danger was too great to dare. An hour after our tarry for lunch, we entered the deep and narrow chasm of swift, dark water above Grand Falls, and swinging our canoe into an eddy on the left, under the shadow of a great rock (some five-hundred feet high), we stepped out on the shore, having completed the excitements of a half-day that many years will fail to erase. [p. 100]
Steele was also the author of Paddle and Portage from Moosehead Lake to the Aroostook River, Maine.


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