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All Things Maine

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Above the Fold

Sun Journal columnist and crime reporter Mark LaFlamme has his own website called Above the Fold. It includes a blog, some of his short fiction, and a link to his thoroughly disturbing Flickr photoset.
In 2006, LaFlamme was named Journalist of the Year by the Maine Press Association. He chain smokes, is utterly loyal to Pabst Blue Ribbon and sleeps until noon every day. He is writing this blurb in omnipotent narrative so as to appear humble before you good men and women of the press.

LaFlamme decided to launch "Above the Fold" because he found there are few reporters who still relish the adrenaline highs of breaking news and the spirit-crushing lows of a mausoleum night on the beat. Where the new breed of journalist likes to discuss the latest crisis in ethics over lattes and salads, LaFlamme prefers to huddle around a bar table and talk about what really matters: the news and the thrill ride of scooping it up before the vultures come. [Link]


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