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All Things Maine

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who Was This Lighthouse Keeper?

Tim Harrison, president of the American Lighthouse Foundation is trying to identify the keeper in a photograph found in a Massachusetts antique shop.
“There are some clues,” says Harrison who pointed out that the old photo board was embossed with the name of the photographer, which appears to be J.C. Dalph or J. C. Ralph and also is clearly embossed with the name of Southwest Harbor, Maine indicating that the photographer was probably located in Southwest Harbor. “This might well indicate that the keeper was stationed at one of the lighthouses in the vicinity of Southwest Harbor,” says Harrison, who continued by saying he might also have been the keeper of the U. S. Lighthouse Service Lighthouse Depot in Southwest Harbor. However, the keeper could also have traveled some distance to have his photo taken or been visiting another lighthouse keeper at the time. [Link]


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