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All Things Maine

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rockland Loses a Political Gadfly

Jean Chalmers is leaving Rockland, her home since 1973.
When her husband decided he wanted a divorce, Chalmers decided to leave the South and took out a map. She had visited Quoddy Head and Port Clyde and liked Maine. Her new home had to be on the coast and she narrowed it down to either Belfast or Rockland. Belfast had the chicken plant and Rockland had the fish plants, but Belfast was "drearier," she said.
Since coming to Maine, Chalmers has served as a city councilor, mayor, and state senator.
She was elected in 1981 [to the Rockland City Council] and served three terms, where she drove fellow councilors Tom Molloy and E. Alan Gordon insane by knitting during the sessions. "Tommy didn’t think a woman could knit and think at the same time. Any woman can tell you that they think much better when they are knitting," she said. [Link]


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